Why Design Thinking?

Design Thinking as a method and mindset is becoming an industry standard for creative problem solving all over the world, and in all different industries and sectors. We invite you to participate in our crash course, increasing your own and your organization’s innovation capacity by learning skills that are for all professionals, not only designers. Led through the process by our competent coaches, you will be equipped to tackle complex challenges and solve problems, in your work and in society.

Course design:

The crash course is divided into two half day sessions on the May 23 and 25 between 8:00 and 12:00. During these sessions, you are introduced to Design Thinking both in theory and practice, as approach and as method, through real-life examples and hands-on exercises. You will work in interdisciplinary teams together with professionals from all kinds of backgrounds, from private to public sector and academia, creating opportunity for cross-pollination of minds and interesting discussions! It will be two fun and inspiring days that will help you internalize Design Thinking through learning-by-doing. The entire course is held in English.

Learning outcomes:

  • Design Thinking as a user-centered mindset and action-oriented method to tackle challenges, create desirable solutions and drive innovation.
  • Techniques to understand and gain deeper insights into your end users.
  • Tools to synthesize insights about your end users and to generate and select ideas.

How to rapidly visualize and prototype ideas, and quickly iterate designs.


All you need to know:

The course is held in English!

Date: May 23 and 25

Time: 8:00 - 12:00

Place: Openlab, Valhallavägen 79, 114 28 Stockholm

Fika plus some savoury foods are included and served at half-time!


The course costs 5000 SEK (excl. VAT). Openlab’s partners receive 20% discount. An invoice by “KTH fakturaservice” is sent after completion of the course.

Cancellation requirements:

Cancellations are made by e-mail to prof.courses@openlab.se and only valid when confirmed at least four weeks in advance. Cancellations received less than 4 weeks before the course start are billed half price. Cancellations received less than 2 weeks before the course start are billed full price.

In case a course is cancelled, we contact participants at least two weeks before the course starts. In that case, participants do not receive an invoice.



Om Openlab:

Openlab är ett kreativt labb med uppdraget att skapa förutsättningar för samhällsinnovationer samt att förbättra livskvaliteten för medborgarna i Stockholmsregionen. Vi grundades av Stockholm Stad, Stockholms läns Landsting, Länsstyrelsen, KTH, Stockholms Universitet, Södertörns Högskola och Karolinska Institutet.

Förutom vår intro-kurs i Design Thinking har vi också en masterkurs, deltar som processtöd i längre projekt, driver ett co-working space, ombesörjer en bokningsbar konferensdel och samarbetar med Open Café.